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With multiple heavy trails stemming throughout the property, ample cover throughout, and larger tracts adjacent, this property should make for a quality lease despite its size. Having been selectively cut approximately 8 years ago, this property is prime with sufficient browse and bedding but is very huntable with a few key funnels being relatively open.

*Near the town of Cadiz

*Landowner lives on site

*ATV use OK for hunting purposes

*Adjoins larger tracts

*Landowner looks forward to a long term partnership

Acreage:      Max Hunters:

42 +/-           3

Why Choose a Kentucky Hunting Lease

Kentucky is a hotbed for sustaining trophy whitetail bucks- AND HARVESTING THEM. With a lengthy season, over the counter tags, and a rifle season that coincides with peak rut dates, a hunting lease in Kentucky offers unlimited whitetail potential.


From food plots to stands, we offer fully customizable options to maximize your time hunting and ensure your lease becomes a whitetail mecca. 

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