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Meet Travis South

I'm an absolute whitetail fanatic, conservationist, and firm believer in hand shakes. I'm completely enthralled with maps, new hunting techniques, and never becoming stagnant. With great pride in creating lasting relationships, stewardship, and a strong desire in helping others, I could not be doing anything more fitting nor fulfilling. 


The culmination of these traits led me to create Integrity Outfitters shortly after graduating from Virginia Tech with degrees in public relations and marketing. I'm constantly reminded of my humble beginnings hunting public ground as I routinely dissect and evaluate properties totaling more acreage than the public land that shaped me.

My approach is a simple qualitative one- demanding quality over quantity. I want to be your go-to source in hunting lease acquisition that fits your needs.

Travis South of Integrity Outfitters and Leasing

Having dealt with leases and managing 3000 acres for trophy whitetail, offering hunting leases with the option of being fully set up has been second nature. This expansion has allowed me to grow without compromising my core principles of integrity, client satisfaction, and ultimately offering an unparalleled hunting experience. 


Fun Fact: My shed-hunting shorthair Schatzi and I logged over 600 miles last spring scouting and looking for antlers-


There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to leasing the hunting rights to a property. Leasing should be rewarding, worry free, and not inconvenience you in the slightest. Allow me to walk you through the process.


Outright hunting leases are available with additional services upon request. I offer the option of making every lease "hunt ready" and turn-key with stands, plots, and cameras in place along with a quality deer management plan. Whatever you may need when it comes to a premium whitetail lease, I have you covered. 

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